2 Days Earth Side + Smothered with Love

Kylie, Killian + their budding little family of girls.  I photographed their wedding about 10 years ago and Kylie will go down as the most entertaining, unique, casual, giggly brides I’ve ever met.  She had me in hysterics all day.

I’ve seen them every 4-5 years since, to meet their little bubba’s and make some family pictures for them.  Kylie had messaged me in the hope I may be in Perth because she was about to give birth, but we didn’t think the little one would arrive before I left.  Two days before I flew out I messaged her to see how she was going and yayyyyyy she was in labour.  So I sent her some push inspiring music and little Fern arrived safe and sound in a perfect little bundle of angel babyness.  I arrived at their beautiful house and could not believe how full of energy Kylie was – after just pushing out a tiny human for hours and hours and all!  Women never cease to amaze me.  You are Wonderwoman lady!

And these girls – my gosh I was so full of love by the time I left I drove off with eyes full of watery happiness and my heart a fluttering.   Oh and I can’t forget the family fur baby who is always, always part of the action.  So much so the kids all have fluffy stuffed versions of him ahahahah.  He’s been guarding his new family member from the second she arrived home.  Always by her side or under her cot.  How darn adorable is that!

Rock Pools + Spontaneous Swims

This beautiful family!  I’ve been documenting their life together since Claire & Bhen tied the knot a decade ago woo hoo!  Since then I’ve had the pleasure of bumping into them in random places – when I’ve been shooting overseas, at the local supermarket, street or shopping centres!  These guys rock.  Their colourful energy and vibrancy is always such a pleasure to be around and I adore catching up with them for each family shoot with their newest little human.

This shoot took place during a balmy spring arvo in WA.  It was so hot the little ones decided they couldn’t avoid the delicious lure of the rock pools any longer, so they stripped off and in they went.  Too cute!  I was a bit jealous.  Verrrry jealous!  And OMG wait for the bubba in his mini kilt!  Heart melted.


Outlander look out!!

This guy and his incredibly beautiful pack of dogs arrived, strolled around the river and started howling to the sunset.  It was surreal and so melodic.


Waterfalls + Dragonflies

This adoooorable little baby + her parents took a trek with me to the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland.

Her huge soulful eyes darting + growing wide in awe at the butterflies, dragonflies, huge old growth trees + waterfalls.

She was also more than happy to take a long skinny dip in the cool mountain water.  Winning at life!

How blessed I am to witness such raw curiosity + love.

Wind Waves + Warm Embraces

When the beach is full of Kite Boarders you know it’s just a tad breezy for a shoot!  But wind can add such beautiful drama, as I think it did here.

The little ones were understandably a bit reserved.  But eventually they were fairly mesmerised by the rolling waves, kiters, seagulls flying sideways + Mum’s beautiful locks dancing to the wind.  And of course they were more than happy to seek solace in Mum + Dad’s nurturing warm embrace.

This is my 3rd shoot with Ellie + Scott over the years.  The first being their engagement portraits, their beautiful wedding + now family portraits with their adorable little mini-me’s.

It never gets old seeing my clients lives blossom.  I always leave these shoots feeling perfectly elated that I get to be part of making such significant moments into pictures.

Ohhhh The Light

It is always extremely nerve wracking when a fellow photographer like Onesies & Co asks you to take arty portraits of her beloveds.

But my goodness were we blessed with the most delicious afternoon light and location.  Even the Seagulls helped bring a bit of drama with the already moody sky.

These little souls absolutely killed me with their excited spirits & love for each other.

This will always be one of my most favourite portrait sessions.

Thanks Emilia for putting your trust in me.

F a c e b o o k
I n s t a g r a m
M a k e   a   P a y m e n t